Technical advice

Technical advice

We guarantee that our technicians go to the field to recognize mutant plants

We provide an after-sales service 

Garantizamos menos del 1% de Mutación en Campo.
We have after-sales technical service
For recognition of mutant plants from 6 and weeks from planting

Our technicians help advise the producer on the handling of templates with fieldwork


Es un servicio que brinda la empresa en el cual Ecuafoxsa maneja las plantillas desde la siembra hasta la 8va semana después de la siembra.

We take care of

  • Weed control
  • Aplicación de fertilizante
  • Aplicaciones de enmiendas
  • Aplicaciones de foliares
  • Deshermane


We are part of the Grupo Grandes we implement merysbanana themed plants that are backed by a laboratory with 34 years of experience guaranteeing a production of more than 15 million vitro plants per year

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